Banking Technology

Current Challenges: Deploying the right technology architecture, applications and policies that allow banks to operate as seamlessly connected and integrated enterprises.

What Oxi Infotech provides: Comprehensive, custom strategies that align a bank's business needs and result in increased productivity, real-time processing and synchronized processes

Depository / Registry

Current Challenges: The huge rise in cross-border and online trading, supporting diverse portfolio of instruments and processing huge volumes

What Oxi Infotech provides: Domain knowledge in the securities industry and vast IT expertise that helps customers reduce operational risk, enhance efficiencies and build real-time depository/registry solutions to increase reliability and efficiency in multi-currency, cross-border operations


Current Challenges: Increased globalization of portfolios, diversity in financial instruments and growth in offshore fund markets

What Oxi Infotechs provides: Strategies for global custodians and custody departments to support operations, manage complex processing requirements, reduce risks, successfully adapt to market demands, rationalize diverse platforms, build common infrastructure and centralize processes


Current Challenges: Financial instruments are getting increasingly complex, transaction volumes are escalating exponentially, changing market conditions warrant flexible reconciliations operations and reducing IT budget makes it difficult to manage a large workforce with significant overheads to process transactions at the desired service level.

What Oxi Infotech Provides: Oxi Infotech Aspire Service helps you eliminate limitations of your reconciliations and investigations operation in the fastest possible time. It delivers a scalable, industry-leading "Center of Excellence" for the matching, investigation and reconciliation of core and client-specific financial transactions.

Retail Banking

Current Challenges: Mergers and acquisitions, increased competition, new regulatory requirements, optimizing sales and fulfillment processes, managing distribution channels and streamlining operations to acquire, satisfy and, thereby, retain customers

What Oxi Infotech provides: Comprehensive strategies for creating reliable systems that improve operational efficiency and meet business goals effectively