Integration Services

Integrating Multiple applications, operating systems, and back-end data sources

Based on our experience of implementing mobility solutions across a range of large and medium enterprises, we have learned that most enterprises have diverse IT infrastructures. Though there are initiatives taken to unify and standardize data access and services using various off-the-shelf products and services, more often than not they seem to be inadequate to support a large mobility deployment spanning across the entire organization.

As a mobile systems integrator, Oxi Infotech’s helps organizations address these challenges on a case by case basis through our integrated approach of using middleware to isolate software layers that facilitate communication between multiple applications on the back end with multiple operating systems on the front end. This ensures organizations do not end up using multiple vendor products to address challenges, thereby giving rise to silos which will not easily integrate, or cause future maintenance and cost concerns


We help organizations decide on the approach to be taken based on the bare minimum features of the essential requirements, the budget constraints, and the feasibility of integration with a standard MEAP offering. Oxi Infotech’s also helps deploy and integrate mobile solutions with standard MEAP solutions such as Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), Antenna Mobility Platform (AMP), Pyxis Mobile, and others.

Oxi Infotech’s past experience of working with many of these vendors ensures that all integration related challenges are addressed well in advance, which greatly minimizes future risks.