Investment Banking

Current Challenges: Low margins, workflow disconnects, data redundancies, complying with mandated regulations such as Basel II and incorporating frameworks like Straight Through Processing (STP), etc. To be able to work round-the-clock in such demanding environments, investment banks have made technology an integral part of their strategic initiatives.

What Oxi Infotech provides: Comprehensive strategies for round-the-clock, efficient management of core functions including brokerage, asset management and wealth management while managing risks and regulatory compliances

Risk & Compliance

Current Challenges: Mergers and acquisitions, increasing focus on regulatory norms such as Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, Solvency II and spiraling compliance costs, inadequate and inconsistent controls and accountability, data quality and data integration, integrated GRC fragmented risk infrastructure and model risk.

What Oxi Infotech provides: A broad range of solutions and services to address regulatory compliance such as Basel II, risk infrastructure upgrades (risk warehouse), GRC requirements, model building/validation and other risk management related areas


Current Challenges: Introduction of new instruments, greater volumes of cross-border trading, market manipulation, erroneous reporting and illegal trading practices

What Oxi Infotech provides: Real-time solutions for monitoring transactions while assessing and reducing risks, the ability to anticipate abnormal trading behaviors and take steps to prevent further market abuse and comprehensive strategies for risk mitigation

Corporate Banking

Current Challenges: Increased pressure to deliver increasingly sophisticated services to meet corporate client expectations, high demand for comprehensive corporate product and account management

What Oxi Infotech provides: Comprehensive strategies and solutions that provide a unified multi-channel view of corporate customers and automation of processes to increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction