Mobile User Experience Design

Our User Experience Design approach is arrived from an understanding of constraints, goals, and desires – both from business and end users. Our process for creating unique UI/UX design starts with:

UI Design (User interface Design): The User Interface Design narrates our understanding of constraints, goals and desire to enhance overall usability and desirability of your solution. We follow divergence – convergence method to find out the best solution that meets both business and end user objectives.

Primary Design Testing: We create wire-frames, paper prototypes, click through prototypes and live demo to validate primary usability and visual appearance testing. This ensures that our design end user behavior and adequately addresses business needs.

UI Specifications: To streamline software development activity, we create detailed UI spec document. This includes details related to response time & effectivenss of aplication to enhance overall experience of application.

For us, User Experience (UX) is a sum of effective Utility, Usability and Desirability of products and services.

Our UX guidelines are tailored to ensure:
  • Focus on People
  • Clean and Simple solutions
  • Intuitive and Interactive interfaces
  • Add touch: Confident for an identity
  • Drive in: Wow factor
  • Dare to Innovate: Amazing shots
  • Adaptable solutions across platforms
  • Scalability
  • Transparent realization