Wealth Management

Current Challenges: Increasing numbers of clients with high expectations of financial advisors' roles and client relationships

What Oxi Infotech provides: Tools for greater CRM, including real-time access to integrated client information throughout the advisory relationship

Exchanges / Trading / Broker - Dealer

Current Challenges: Trans-national markets and global exchanges that demand fast, accurate processing of high transaction volumes, delivering superior customer service

What Oxi Infotech provides: Mission-critical, flexible, scalable trading solutions that support multiple channels and that span across equities, derivatives, commodities, forex and fixed income instruments, covering different types of trading methodologies, resulting in increased agility and transparency in trading environments

Clearing / CCP

Current Challenges: Consolidation, cross-border trading, and multi-channel access; extended trading hours and shortened settlement cycles to meet increased trading volumes

What provides: Secure platforms that support multiple settlement models and payment methods, resulting in real-time connectivity and computation, effective risk management and improved operational efficiency